The Social Center “Oktobar” was initiated by a group of activists in 2013 with the aim to create a cultural, social and political space for radical left ideas. “Oktobar” is dedicated to the development of anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-fascist, and other progressive ideas and practices.

“Oktobar” is the meeting place and exchange area for activists dealing with various aspects of social reality. Since its establishment, “Oktobar” has been hosting a wide network of activists from the country and abroad, and organized a large number of public events (discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, benefit events) dedicated to labor issues, anti-fascism, feminism, LGBT rights, refugee rights, animal rights, etc.

In the work of the Social Center “Oktobar” 12 people participate on the egalitarian basis, and “Oktobar” represents the permanent base of the organizations “Center for Politics of Emancipation” (CPE), ” Kontekst Collective” and “Oktobar”.

DC “Oktobar” is self-sustained place that you can support by donations.

DC “Oktobar” is open every day from 4 PM until midnight, except on Sundays.

PS. we all share the place with our cat Moćko.